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When you’re facing a situation that can significantly impact the rest of your life, you need the guidance and support of attorneys you can trust. With more than four decades of experience helping Michigan residents like you, Gentry Nalley is ready to offer seasoned legal assistance to achieve the best outcome possible.

Our extensive trial experience ensures a legal strategy and approach that’s informed, thorough, and ready for anything we’ll encounter together. We’ll provide knowledgeable, personalized legal representation and guidance with criminal defense or appeals, civil law appeals, family law, personal injury, or gun trusts.

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Michigan Criminal Defense

If you’re facing criminal charges in Michigan, you need a legal team with the resources and experience necessary to guide you through the process. Life-changing circumstances or actions can occur in a moment, and Gentry Nalley Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers know the impact a felony or misdemeanor can have on your life. Our team will bring the best resources, technology, and experts to your case in order to provide an aggressive defense on your behalf.

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Michigan Appeal Attorneys

The appeals process is complex and requires an attorney with a specific skill set and experience. When you reach the appeals process, you have either lost your initial case or, upon winning your case, the losing party has chosen to appeal the verdict. Gentry Nalley has experienced Michigan Appeals Attorneys with a proven track record, having represented more than 200 clients, not only at the Michigan Court of Appeals, but also at the Michigan Supreme Court, the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

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Michigan Family Law

When you’re facing a complex, emotional dispute regarding the future of your family, you deserve compassionate attorneys who understand Michigan family law.

Gentry Nalley helps Michigan residents achieve the best outcome with legal issues surrounding marital strife, divorce, child support, and custody issues. Our family-focused legal professionals are able to draw on a wealth of experience to help in complex familial matters involving parental support for children, division of financial assets, and/or pre- or post-nuptial assessments.

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“Having to get a lawyer was very scary for me. When I contacted Heather she made me feel comfortable and that she had my best interest in mind. She was patient and empathetic and I couldn’t have asked for someone better to represent me.”

– Virginia Link

Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys

Michigan personal injury cases can involve numerous complex factors stemming from auto accidents, work accidents, personal altercations, slip-and-fall accidents, animal aggression, medical malpractice or product liability causes.

Gentry Nalley Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers have the experience and resources to gather the facts and provide a formidable case for compensation when you have suffered a personal injury in Michigan.

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Michigan NFA Gun Trust Lawyers

A National Firearms Acts (NFA) Gun Trust lets Michigan residents legally own federally-regulated NFA firearms or paraphernalia without having to comply with strict legal requirements as well as avoid heavy fines or even jail time from violating state or federal gun laws. However, setting up an NFA Gun Trust can be tedious, confusing, and time-consuming.

Let the NFA Gun Trust Lawyers at Gentry Nalley simplify and accelerate the entire process as we help you navigate complicated terminology, meet all the requirements, and avoid any potential problems or setbacks.

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Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyers

If you’ve been accused of criminal sexual conduct, you need a legal team with experience handling these delicate, complex cases that are rarely straightforward

There are three categories of sexual offenses in Michigan: Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. Each tier involves different circumstances and contributing factors. Among these different tiers, there are over eight different types of offenses.

Get over forty years of legal experience behind you by teaming up with the Michigan criminal sexual conduct lawyers at Gentry Nalley.

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The two main factors that should drive your choice of an attorney are experience and success. The team at Gentry Nalley brings 40 years of proven experience and the ability to offer our clients the highest level of support and service. Our strategic use of experts, private investigators and technology sets us apart from other attorneys. We are well-known by our clients, other law firms and the courts throughout Michigan as compassionate and formidable legal professionals who care deeply about our clients and work tirelessly to ensure they receive the best possible outcomes.

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