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Is facing the complex appeals process overwhelming you? Maybe you lost your case after spending more time and money than you expected. Or perhaps you won, and now the other side is appealing. Either way, the case isn’t over. The next steps are crucial, and you need experienced appellate help.

Gentry Nalley can help you navigate this unfamiliar territory, providing you with trustworthy guidance to avoid pitfalls and receive justice. We’ll delve deep into what took place with your case, explain to you what matters to the law, and do everything possible to help you reach the best resolution.

Let us show you how appeals work and how our attorneys can help.

Civil Appeals in Michigan

Don’t panic if you lost a case or if your case’s ruling was appealed. The fact is, there is a provision in the Michigan legal system that allows civil appeals for people who believe a court made an incorrect ruling. So regardless of whether you need an appeal or are experiencing an appeal after your ruling, there are options to help you receive justice.

However, the time one has to file an appeal in Michigan is typically only twenty-one days from when the judgment is entered—and for some cases, even shorter than that. So if you need to file an appeal, you should quickly seek experienced legal help to get the appeals process in motion for you. The appellate attorneys at Gentry Nalley are ready to step in and help you with your appeals case.

Why Experience Matters With Michigan Appellate Lawyers

It’s important to understand that the appeals process is very different from the trial process you already experienced. For instance, your trial case involved presenting evidence in court before a judge and possibly a jury.

Appeals cases, though, are very different. The fact is that most appeals cases are won or lost before they are even presented as an oral argument. This is because the judges have already reviewed the briefs, the memos, the clerk’s notes, and other vital information.

To put it simply: an appeals case almost entirely depends on a well-prepared brief. That means you need seasoned appellate lawyers who know exactly how the entire appeals system works, as well as how to prepare a brief and what to include. From there, they can build an effective appeals case to help you receive the best outcome possible.

Building a Solid Appeals Case

Since a well-prepared brief is essential to win an appeals case, your appellate attorneys need to know how to prepare one that will maneuver matters in your favor.

Gentry Nalley’s appellate attorneys will apply their decades of experience to your case to reduce your financial liability and clear your name by strategically creating an appellate brief that’s both convincing and effective.

Not only that, but they will also pursue every possible means of defending your position after a favorable decision or overturning the lower court’s incorrect decision.

Defending Against an Appeal

If you won your trial case, then our appellate lawyers can help ensure that it doesn’t get overturned. This may happen if the opposing party wants to appeal to a higher court or if portions of the law were applied incorrectly.

Regardless of the reason for the appeal, Gentry Nalley knows how to defend your position. Our appellate lawyers can also file a cross-appeal which will provide you with legal relief from any portion of the judgment you disagree with.

Criminal & Civil Appellate Lawyers in Michigan

Since appellate law has complex rules that greatly differ from trial law, appellate lawyers in Michigan need a uniquely honed skillset to create a successful ruling on your behalf.

These abilities and skills include strong research skills, organizational abilities, persuasive writing, strategy development, and effective oral argument skills to ensure your success with a Michigan appeal.

The Michigan appellate attorneys at Gentry Nalley have a long and trusted track record of success in civil and criminal appeals. Our appellate attorneys have represented clients in the Michigan Court of Appeals, Michigan Supreme Court, United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

Michigan Civil Appeals

With decades of experience successfully representing clients in civil appeals involving family law and personal injury, Gentry Nalley has a well-established track record of success.

This partially is due to our thorough understanding of what it takes to win an appeal, along with a focus on reviewing all of the facts of your case and then talking with you honestly about what the court system can and can’t do for you.

Because we’re highly selective about the cases we take on, we’re able to provide a personalized level of service and care for our clients while ensuring the best possible outcome.

Michigan Criminal Appeals

Knowing how to properly prepare and present information is essential to winning a criminal appeal. That’s why Gentry Nalley will work with you on a one-on-one level to thoroughly develop and prepare everything involved with your criminal appeals case to reach the best resolution possible.

We also understand how to respect both your time and finances to alleviate stress, which is why we don’t take on appeals that we don’t believe we can win and why we’re always frank with you about what we believe is possible with your situation. It’s honesty and transparency like this that has helped us earn the trust of clients for years.

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