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If you’re looking for a Michigan appeals attorney, you likely either lost your case after spending more time and money than you expected, or you won, and now the other side is appealing. Either way, the case isn’t over, and you need help strategizing next steps.

Gentry Nalley can help you navigate this unfamiliar territory that’s often full of pitfalls. We’ll listen to what matters to you, explain what matters to the law, and try to reach the best possible resolution.

If you’re looking for an experienced appellate attorney who’s open and honest about what can—and sometimes cannot—be done with your case, we’re here to help. We’ll talk to you like a real person and explain the law in a no-nonsense manner. You can also expect us to practice law in this same way, which is why our clients routinely tell us our service and results have gone above and beyond what they ever hoped for.

Criminal & Civil Appellate Lawyers in Michigan

Appellate law requires a specialized skill set because appeals are complex, and the rules are different from those at trial. Strong research skills, organizational ability, persuasive writing, and effective oral argument skills are all necessary for success in appeals. Gentry Nalley has a long and trusted track record of success in civil and criminal appeals. Our appellate attorneys have represented clients in the Michigan Court of Appeals, Michigan Supreme Court, United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. 

Michigan Civil Appeals 

Gentry Nalley has decades of experience successfully representing clients in civil appeals involving family law and personal injury. Because we understand what it takes to win an appeal, we’ll first review the facts of your case and then talk with you honestly about what the court system can and can’t do for you. Because we’re highly selective about the cases we take on, we’re able to provide a highly customized level of service and care for our clients while ensuring the best possible outcome.

Michigan Criminal Appeals  

An essential element of winning a criminal appeal is properly packaging and presenting information. Gentry Nalley will work with you to bring your criminal appeals case to the best resolution possible, being respectful of your time and finances. We don’t take on appeals that we don’t believe we can win, and we’ll always be frank with you about what we believe are possible outcomes in your situation.

The Right Michigan Appellate Lawyers for your Case

When you’re facing the possibility of a life-changing criminal or civil appeal, you need to know you have the best possible team on your side. With more than 40 years of combined expertise in criminal defense trials and appeals, Gentry Nalley knows first-hand the intricacies of the court system and understands how to expertly apply an eye for detail and data to win appeals.

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