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No one wants to have to hire a lawyer. In a personal injury matter, you didn’t want to get hurt. In a divorce, even when things are bad, you entered into it thinking it would be good and last. Getting charged with a crime and having the weight of the State coming down on you is terrifying. And in appeals, either you lost, after spending more time and money than you expected, or won, and now the other side is appealing. Either way the case isn’t over.

At Gentry Nalley, we understand this. Satisfied customers of the legal system are few indeed, and our job is to help you navigate an unfamiliar situation full of pitfalls. As some of you already know, and others will find out, what matters to the courts and the law is not the same as what matters to you, or maybe should matter at all. The law is full of procedural rules that, though they serve a purpose, make little sense to the actual parties whose cases are before the courts.

Our job is to help guide you through all of this. We’ll listen to what matters to you, explain what matters to the law, and try to reach the best resolution possible that aligns with your goals and expectations. Our office uses an online portal system the provides you copies of everything we produce when we produce it and gives you a secure method of reaching out to us whenever you have a question. Kevin S. Gentry and Heather KS Nalley are experienced in doing exactly the very specific things we do. If we don’t do it, and do it well, we’ll help you find someone who does. But if your matter is a crime (and we understand that, when you’re the one charged, every crime is a serious one), a divorce or family law matter, a personal injury issue, and an appellate case, we’ll work with you to bring your case to the best resolution possible, being respectful of your time and finances, but also being frank as to what the court system can, and cannot, do for you. If you want to hear only what you want to hear, you can find a lawyer who’ll tell you just that. But if you want to get the best result the legal system will achieve and have a lawyer who is open and honest with you about what can, and sometimes cannot, be done with your problem, we’re here to help. We talk to you, and treat you, like real people, and explain the law in no nonsense matter. We practice law and the same way, and that’s why our clients routinely find both our service and results to better than they expected or hoped for.

Shopping for a lawyer is hard, especially if you don’t know any. But shopping in the right aisle is key. Pick a lawyer who handles problems like yours a lot. Pick one who not only talks to you like a real person but listens to you like you’re one too. When you need a lawyer, most often, you’re facing a life-altering problem. Choose carefully. Choose well. And if our philosophy sounds like what you’re looking for, choose Gentry Nalley.

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With Gentry Nalley, you can expect to work with a skilled team of go-getters. We have more trial experience than most criminal defense attorneys, and our strategic use of technology and experts sets us apart from other law firms. Our commitment to always providing the highest level of communication and support to our clients will ensure you’re prepared for every step of the process and aware of the latest developments in your case.

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