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Understand Michigan’s NFA Gun Trusts

Since the Revolutionary War, this country has made sure that citizens continue to have the right to bear arms. However, there continue to be complicated laws, procedures, and restrictions which create problems for those who want to own guns.

Let Gentry Nalley explain an important provision for you to legally own your gun or gun paraphernalia: an NFA Gun Trust.

What is an NFA gun trust?

A National Firearms Act (NFA) Gun Trust is a way to assist with the ownership of federally-regulated NFA firearms such as short-barreled rifles or silencers. It allows a legal means for people to own certain guns or paraphernalia without being subject to stringent legal requirements, as well as legally allowing multiple people to possess them. Not only that, but NFA Gun Trusts also allow owners to refrain from having to publicly register these guns in their personal name.

Along with these benefits, an NFA Gun Trust allows Michigan gun owners avoid the heavy penalties that can be issued due to circumstances that any gun owner might face, such as the temporary possession of their gun by any other person.

How you benefit from NFA Gun Trust attorneys

An NFA Gun Trust can allow you or several different people to legally own federally-regulated firearms or paraphernalia without having to register them.

An NFA Gun Trust can also assist with and simplify the legal transfer of these firearms or paraphernalia to others after your death, such as to family members or other beneficiaries. It also helps avoid fines or even criminal charges connected with federally-regulated gun ownership.

NFA Gun Trust attorneys simplify the entire process for those who want to set up a gun trust.

Michigan NFA Gun Trust lawyers that help you with gun ownership

Even though there are benefits to an NFA Gun Trust, the process may be time-consuming, confusing, and overwhelming to many Michigan residents. Not only that, but there are also specific legal provisions such as tax stamps that are necessary when it comes time to purchase NFA guns or paraphernalia.

To simplify and expedite this entire process while also making sure everything takes place legally, team up with the experienced NFA Gun Trust attorneys at Gentry Nalley.

Knowledgeable NFA Gun Trust attorneys

Gentry Nalley specializes in staying on top of all of the applicable laws, processes, and contributing factors to make sure you receive the legal help you need to set up an NFA Gun Trust, as well as to help you make the best decisions and protect your rights.

Along with providing guidance throughout the entire process, Gentry Nalley can also answer any questions or help solve issues that may arise as you set up an NFA Gun Trust.

With decades of experience, the NFA Gun Trust attorneys at Gentry Nalley have helped countless residents like you successfully navigate the process as well as avoid any legal pitfalls that could result in fines and even jail time.

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