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Murder and manslaughter are some of the most serious charges that a person can have brought against them, with life-changing effects and consequences.

If you’re facing Michigan murder charges, you need a legal team that knows exactly how to defend you with experience, knowledge, and assertiveness.

With over four decades of combined experience in criminal and civil law, Gentry Nalley has more criminal defense litigation and appeals experience than most law offices.

Our legal team has unparalleled insight into the functioning of the justice system, which we deploy for each client facing homicide charges.

Understanding Michigan First Degree Murder Charges

In Michigan, first degree charges require the prosecution to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused thought out and planned the homicide before the event took place. This is known in legal circles as premeditation.

The good news is that this is extremely difficult to prove without specific evidence. Thanks to our decades of experience handling these cases, Gentry Nalley knows how to use every defense tactic available to discredit evidence that may be used to prove a first degree murder charge.

There are also other categories of first-degree murder that have special circumstances:

  • Felony murder (premeditated or non-premeditated): This involves taking a life while committing another felony charge.
  • Murder of a peace officer: These charges involve knowingly taking the life of a law enforcement or conservation officer while they were in uniform and performing their duty.

With so much at stake, you need a legal team that has a proven record of successful defense to help you with your first degree murder charge.

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What You Need to Know About Second Degree Murder Charges in Michigan

The primary difference from first degree murder is the factor of premeditation.

Second-degree murders in Michigan are classified as intentionally taking another person’s life without planning to do so. This also includes any death that results from actions or neglect resulting from a disregard for human life, or using a substance that causes a death.

The defense attorneys at Gentry Nalley know how to handle specific circumstances that can change the entire nature of a homicide case.

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How a Michigan Manslaughter Charge Affects You

In the state of Michigan, there are two categories of manslaughter that determine the severity of a sentence:

  • Voluntary manslaughter: This is intentional homicide but without premeditation. An example of this would be an emotionally charged situation where the accused intended to cause death “in the heat of the moment” and without any break in events to calm down and control their actions.
  • Involuntary manslaughter: This occurs when an unintentional homicide takes place due to criminal negligence.

Like second-degree murder charges, manslaughter charges are greatly affected by the circumstances and contributing factors surrounding the event.

Knowing this, it’s important to work with experienced defense lawyers like Gentry Nalley to mitigate the impact of your actions and circumstances in order to reduce charges and sentencing.

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Penalties and Consequences for Murder and Manslaughter Charges in Michigan

A person convicted of first-degree murder in Michigan could see life in prison with no possibility of parole. And while Michigan law does not allow a death sentence, certain murder cases can be tried under Federal statutes, which do carry the possibility of the death penalty.

Charges of second-degree murder in Michigan can be punished by years in prison, with the maximum punishment being a life sentence. The sentencing depends on important factors in the case and is determined by the trying court.

Michigan manslaughter charges are punishable by a maximum of 15 years imprisonment and fines, which depend on the specific factors that weigh on the case.

The Michigan murder lawyers at Gentry Nalley understand the consequences of a conviction, which reach far beyond the sentence. This includes a damaged reputation that can last a lifetime, along with the emotional devastation surrounding murder cases, especially for the accused’s family.

Because we understand the gravity of a murder charge, our murder lawyers fiercely fight to prove your innocence with unwavering determination, using every means possible to clear you of these weighty charges.

“Heather Nalley is an amazing attorney. Heather was always there for me when I needed her. She answered all of my questions with ease and explained everything to me every step of the way. I highly recommend her law firm. Thank you, Heather, for everything you did for me.”

– Jill Katon

What You Should Do When Facing Homicide Charges in Michigan

When you are facing homicide charges in Michigan, your legal defense team should be the only people you divulge information to. Follow these recommendations from our legal team to help your case and safeguard your rights:

  1. Do not talk to anyone without your attorney present. Be polite, courteous, and cooperative, but do not answer any questions or agree to anything. All you should ever say is, “I would like to see my attorney.”
  2. Do not share details of the case or events with anyone, including family. Nothing should be shared verbally, in writing, or electronically. Remember that all communications can be used against you.
  3. Do not consent to anything without the advice of an attorney. This includes searches, tests, DNA samples or other means of investigation.
  4. Do not resist arrest. Never struggle or attempt to escape the police. In a calm but firm tone, advise them that you require an attorney present before you will answer any questions.
  5. The only information you should provide police is your name, address, contact information, fingerprints, and the name of your attorney. Everything else requires the consent from your attorney first.
  6. Get an attorney as quickly as possible. Use your one allowed telephone call to contact us at Gentry Nalley. If you must call a family member, do not share anything with them about the case, and have them contact us immediately.

Experienced Murder Charge Defense Attorneys

Gentry Nalley has over 40 years of combined experience handling criminal defense cases including murder and manslaughter. This gives our murder attorneys an unparalleled understanding into how the Michigan justice system functions and what legal strategies are most effective, allowing us to deliver the best defense on your behalf.

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Every case our murder lawyers handle receives the thorough, detailed analysis it deserves. From there, we’ll understand how to use our four decades of legal insights to deliver a successful outcome for you.

Having successfully handled countless murder and manslaughter cases means that no murder charges are too difficult or complex for our seasoned team of defense attorneys.

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