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Few things can be more difficult or painful than a divorce. The anxiety and stress of having your family divided can be overwhelming, especially when there are uncertainties surrounding child custody, property division, or other complexities particular to your situation.

The family law attorneys at Gentry Nalley, PLLC understand everything that’s at stake for you, your loved ones, and your future. Let us provide the in-depth legal care and services you need in this life-changing moment.

Complex Divorces Require Dedicated, Skilled Legal Assistance

No divorce is easy. Yet, some divorces are far more complex than others or have more at stake, requiring a high level of legal care and involvement.

If this is what your divorce requires, then turn to Gentry Nalley for exceptional legal representation. We go above and beyond most other family firms by offering a high-touch approach, utilizing family experts, financial professionals, and even the latest in technology to provide your case with an in-depth analysis.

Legal Help With Divorce Proceedings

Some divorces end amicably, where both mates recognize the relationship has reached its end. If this is your case, then the family law lawyers at Gentry Nalley can provide the legal guidance and understanding to move things along as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Other divorces, however, may not be so simple. These may be where one mate is not willing to cooperate with legal proceedings, even making matters difficult on purpose. If this is happening to you, then let Gentry Nalley step in. We can use private investigators, family or financial experts, or even types of surveillance technology to establish evidence that provides you with the leverage you need.

When Complex Child Custody Issues Arise

The family law attorneys at Gentry Nalley have a wide array of approaches and methods to alleviate the stress and confusion surrounding your child custody issues.

Our legal team may choose to use experts to help your case, such as parenting coordinators, family therapists, substance abuse evaluators, or psychological evaluations to establish a lack of parenting skills or care from the other party.

Our team may even pursue matters via a private investigator or surveillance equipment to establish a child’s endangerment due to the other mate’s treatment of them or the living conditions they provide.

Regardless of what your child custody issues may be, you can be confident that Gentry Nalley will provide the right solutions for you.

How We Help With High-Asset Divorces

If you need dedicated legal assistance for a high-asset divorce, then let Gentry Nalley represent you.

We’ll go to great lengths to clearly establish financial matters, which can include the use of financial experts to evaluate the value of a spouse’s assets. We may also use forensic accountants that piece together crucial financial evidence.

Regardless of what you need, our family law legal team will care for every legal matter surrounding your high-asset divorce.

Assistance With Divorces Involving Separate Issues or Inheritance

Let Gentry Nalley put you in control when it comes to divorce proceedings that involve your cherished belongings such as an inheritance, property, or personal holdings.

Our family law attorneys understand how to help and what steps to take if you have an inheritance or a property that you brought to the marriage and want to keep separate from the marital estate. We can also help prove that holdings prior to the marriage should remain yours after the divorce.

Michigan Family Law & Divorce Attorneys Who Go the Extra Mile

We know how personal your divorce is as you face the threat of losing the most important things in your life. That’s why we go to extraordinary measures to help you gain a legal edge to safeguard what matters most to you.

To simplify and expedite this entire divorce process while also making sure everything takes place legally, team up with the family law attorneys at Gentry Nalley.

Family Law Lawyers Who Get Results

Gentry Nalley has decades of experience helping families like yours achieve the results they deserve with their high-asset divorce. Let our family law lawyers help you successfully navigate the legal process and attain the results you desire for complex divorces involving your child’s custody or your inheritance, property, or personal holdings.

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