Michigan White Collar Criminal Charges

Being charged or convicted of a white-collar crime in Michigan can cause severe damage to your reputation, your business or your personal relationships. While white-collar crimes may not be viewed by some as serious as other felonies, a conviction can result in significant prison time and hefty fines. If you have been accused of a white-collar crime in Michigan, you need skilled legal representation to handle your defense.

White-collar crimes in Michigan can be extremely complex and demand an experienced attorney with a proven track record. White-collar criminal charges can be levied against people or businesses, and they can sometimes draw significant attention from the media. The attorneys at Gentry Nalley have experience trying high-profile criminal cases and have access to the resources necessary to dig into the facts using in-house private investigators and a network of subject matter experts. Our strategic use of experts yields a high rate of success, and we’re dedicated to bringing this, along with our trial experience and high level of client service, to ensure you receive an aggressive defense on your behalf. With the complexity inherent in white-collar crimes, it’s important to have a seasoned white-collar criminal defense team on your side.

White-Collar Crimes in Michigan

White-collar crimes are generally non-violent crimes committed by businesses entities or people in business. They typically involve some form of deception to generate illicit financial gain.

Common forms of white-collar crimes include:


Charges of embezzlement in Michigan involve taking property or funds over which you have been given management responsibilities. Embezzling less than $1,000 is considered a misdemeanor while taking amounts over $1,000 constitutes a felony crime. Larger sums or values demand more severe penalties in the form of imprisonment and fines. Both misdemeanor and felony embezzlement require a strong defense by experienced and diligent attorneys. Gentry Nalley has the expertise in these types of crimes to sift through volumes of data to uncover the facts that can prove your innocence.


Bribery involves offering anything of value in order to receive preferential treatment from a person of authority. This can include public officials, elected officials, juries, corporate employees or managers and other authoritative figures. Charges of bribery are considered a felony and are punishable by varying amounts of jail time and fines, depending on the amounts involved and the level of influence sought. You can also be charged with Conspiracy to Commit Bribery if your offer is refused. Many business relationships can be misconstrued, resulting in charges of bribery. If you’re facing charges of bribery, Gentry Nalley is the team you want on your side!


Fraud is cheating, defrauding or using a false pretense to obtain funds or property. Fraud involves many types and is a relatively broad charge that can carry misdemeanor or felony consequences, depending on the circumstances and amounts involved. Some examples of fraud include mortgage fraud, securities fraud, food stamp fraud, home improvement fraud and real estate fraud. Many friendly interactions can be construed as fraud without a full knowledge of the facts. Gentry Nalley has decades of experience defending clients charged with white collar crimes like fraud. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

“Ms. Nalley stood up to the prosecution’s pressure to enter into a plea agreement and was able to secure a dismissal in my case. Without qualification, I highly recommend Ms. Nalley as your defense attorney in any criminal matter; she is knowledgeable, prepared and disarmingly pleasant while being a true advocate ready to go to trial when you need it!”

– David Parrott

White Collar Crimes are Serious and Require Seasoned Representation

Gentry Nalley knows white collar crime and how to defend against it. If you’re a business owner or a high-profile corporate executive charged with a white-collar crime, you may not be guilty. However, even if you’re innocent, being charged with a crime can damage your professional and personal reputation and affect your future. With our seasoned legal team on your side, we can help uncover the facts, clearly communicate your options, and then strategize to ensure you receive the best possible defense. Don’t gamble on inexperience when your future is at stake – contact Gentry Nalley today.

Superior Investigation and Legal Defense for White Collar Crimes in Michigan

Gentry Nalley firmly believes the facts of your case are your best defense. Most often, accurate documentation of the events and circumstances surrounding your charges are enough to dismiss them. Misunderstandings regarding business dealings are common, and sometimes those who are misinformed might assume a crime has been committed.

Our in-house investigators have the skills and talent to comb through necessary documents and records to help prove your innocence or reveal mitigating circumstances crucial for your case. We also carefully review the prosecution’s case for weaknesses, errors, and lack of evidence, which we can leverage in your defense.

Contacting Gentry Nalley when you’ve been charged with a white collar crime in Michigan is your first step to securing your reputation and your future.

What You Should Do When Facing Michigan White Collar Crime Charges

When you are facing white collar crime charges in Michigan, don’t assume these are ‘lesser’ charges that will not warrant scrutiny or a strong defense. Follow these recommendations to protect your rights and your future:

  1. Do not talk to anyone without your attorney present. Be polite and cooperative, but only say, “I would like to see my attorney.”
  2. Do not share details of the case with anyone, verbally or in writing or electronically, including co-workers, alleged co-conspirators, board members, stakeholders or family.
  3. Do not consent to anything without the advice of an attorney. This includes searches, DNA samples or surrendering any records or computer passwords.
  4. Do not resist arrest. Comply willingly with law enforcement and inform them at the earliest possible moment that you require an attorney.
  5. The only information you should provide to law enforcement officials is your name, address, contact information, fingerprints and the name of your attorney.
  6. Contact a white collar crime attorney at Gentry Nalley as soon as you are granted access to a phone. You may also ask law enforcement to contact us for you.

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