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Michigan Second-Degree Murder Charges

When facing a second-degree murder charge in Michigan, turn to a legal team that can offer the experience, access to experts and attention to detail a charge like this requires. Bringing all the facts to light in a case can make all difference in a trial. Don’t trust your future to inexperience. Count on Gentry Nalley, the best area criminal defense attorney with the experience necessary to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Murder charges of any degree in Michigan carry stiff penalties, so when you’ve been accused of second-degree murder, you need the best available criminal defense attorneys – you need Gentry Nalley. Our team has served clients in this state for decades, and our combined legal experience in criminal defense and appeals can serve you well when facing homicide charges. We offer the best seasoned legal representation for even the most complex, well-known or difficult homicide cases.

Second-Degree Murder in Michigan

Unlike first-degree murder, charges of second-degree murder in Michigan do not involve premeditation.

Second-degree murder involves the intentional taking of another person’s life, or any death resulting from actions or neglect that indicates a disregard for human life. This includes anger or circumstances that trigger an event that ended another person’s life.

Every fact in a second-degree murder case can be pivotal, which is why you need a thorough legal team with the experience and resources necessary to investigate your case and build a formidable defense.

Gentry Nalley has decades of courtroom experience facing prosecuting attorneys. We know the tactics they use and how they work. We use all the resources available to us to gather the facts and present them in such a way for all sides to be heard and considered.

Often, evidence can be called into question, making that evidence inadmissible and therefore, unusable against you. This can make a difference when determining the level of punishment warranted by the charges against you, or in convincing the court to reduce the charge from second-degree murder to manslaughter.

A member of our legal team will walk with you through each step, as well as provide regular updates on your case.

Facing Michigan Second-Degree Murder Charges

When you are facing second-degree murder charges in Michigan, nothing should be left to chance. You cannot trust anyone but your attorney from Gentry Nalley. Follow these steps until your attorney arrives:

  1. Be polite, courteous and cooperative. Do not resist arrest.
  2. Exercise your right to remain silent and do not answer any questions, agree to any accusations or make any deals with law enforcement.
  3. Your only words should be, “I would like to speak with my attorney.”
  4. Do not consent to any searches, tests, DNA samples or other means of investigation.
  5. Do not share any conversation or anything about your case with anyone, including family.
  6. It is safe to share your name, address, contact information, fingerprints and the name of your attorney with law enforcement.
  7. Use your one telephone call to contact Gentry Nalley as soon as possible. If you must call a family member, just ask them contact us immediately on your behalf.

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