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First degree murder charges in Michigan are serious and carry the threat of life in prison without the possibility of parole. When you are charged with 1st Degree Murder, your entire life and future are at stake. Choose the best criminal defense attorney with unmatched experience and passion for justice. Choose Gentry Nalley as your legal team.

Homicide charges in Michigan carry stiff penalties, if you’re facing a charge of first-degree murder, you need the best available criminal defense attorneys – you need Gentry Nalley. Our team has decades of combined legal experience in criminal defense and appeals for every level of homicide charges. No case is too complex, difficult or well-known for our team to provide you the seasoned representation you deserve. Don’t leave your future to chance – call Gentry Nalley when facing first-degree murder charges in Michigan.

Michigan First-Degree Murder

First-degree murder charges are the most severe level of homicide charges under Michigan law. Assigning the charge requires proof beyond any reasonable doubt that the actions of the accused were planned in advance. The prosecution will work hard to establish this to warrant a first-degree murder charge and conviction. Trust Michigan’s best criminal defense team to be a competent, experienced, and aggressive advocate if you’re accused of murder.

The legal term for advanced planning and consideration of committing a homicide is known as pre-meditation. Because pre-meditation is difficult to prove, the prosecution will not pursue this level of murder charge unless they feel they can provide solid evidence.

Gentry Nalley is well-versed in Michigan’s judicial system, so we not only know the tactics the prosecution will likely use to obtain such evidence, but we also know how to prove reasonable doubt when evidence is acquired with these tactics. When evidence of pre-meditation can be discredited, the prosecution may choose to reduce the charges from first degree murder to second degree murder or manslaughter.

Once reasonable doubt is established, the first-degree murder charge is discredited and can result in a lesser charge, or even in the case being dropped

Some crimes that are committed under specific circumstances can also be charged as first-degree murder. These include:

  • Felony Murder (pre-meditated or non-pre-meditated) – taking a life while committing another felony charge.
  • Murder of a Peace Officer –knowingly and deliberately taking the life of a uniformed law enforcement or conservation officer while performing their duty.

Penalties for Michigan Homicide Charges

There is no death sentence under Michigan law; however, charges of first-degree murder are punishable by life in prison with no possibility of parole. If murder cases are tried under federal laws, they may result in the possibility of the death penalty.

Charges of second-degree Murder in Michigan (defined by Michigan law as the unplanned, but intentional taking of another person’s life, or any death that results from actions or neglect resulting from a disregard for human life) are punishable by varying numbers of years in prison, depending on the circumstances.

Charges of manslaughter in Michigan (including voluntary and involuntary) are punishable by imprisonment of not more than 15 years and a fine, depending on the factors of the case.

The Gentry Nalley team knows a murder case can hinge on the smallest of revelations or details. We also understand how and when to strategically reveal such details in order to impact your case. Gentry Nalley will work hard to discover and use the truth to create the best defense possible for you.

Facing Michigan First-Degree Murder Charges

When facing first-degree murder charges in Michigan, it’s vital that you preserve your rights and speak only with your legal. Follow these steps:

  1. Be polite, courteous and cooperative, but do not answer any questions, agree to any accusations or deals or share any details of your case with anyone. All you need to say is, “I would like to speak with my attorney.”
  2. Do not consent to anything without the advice of an attorney. This includes searches, tests, DNA samples or other means of investigation.
  3. Do not resist arrest. Never struggle with, attempt to attack or escape from law enforcement. Always inform them calmy and quickly that you require an attorney be present before you will answer any questions.
  4. The only information you should provide to law enforcement is your name, address, contact information, fingerprints and the name of your attorney.
  5. Use your one telephone call to contact Gentry Nalley as soon as possible. If you must call a family member, do not share anything and have them contact us immediately.

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