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After hearing the sound of the gavel, you may feel that all hope is lost. However, you have good reason to believe that justice can still be served after a criminal conviction. A criminal appeal can still give you a second chance, regardless of what happened in your trial.

The Michigan criminal appeals lawyers at Gentry Nalley are here to help make things right for you or a loved one. Let us use our many years of experience and legal insights to help you appeal a criminal conviction.

What Are Criminal Appeals?

A criminal appeal is a legal process that allows a convicted individual the opportunity to challenge a court’s decision. They are essentially seeking a review of the case on specific grounds in hopes of gaining a new trial, with the errors from the previous trial corrected, resentenced, or having the charges dismissed altogether.

If you have been convicted of a crime, a criminal appeal is your opportunity to have the conviction reversed. This makes criminal appeals a crucial component of the legal system, offering individuals a second chance at justice.

Gentry Nalley’s criminal appellate lawyers combine their attention to detail with years of experience to help you successfully navigate a Michigan criminal appeal. Our track record of overturning wrongful convictions provides a sound basis for choosing us to help you overturn your criminal conviction.

When You May Need to Appeal a Criminal Case

There are a wide variety of reasons that you may need your criminal case appealed. Gentry Nalley’s criminal appeals lawyers have helped countless Michigan residents like you right a wrong that was committed in the courtroom for the following reasons:

Legal Errors
If errors occurred during the trial or sentencing phase, an appeal can rectify these mistakes and ensure a fair and just process.

New Evidence
Discovering new evidence that was not available during the original trial is a compelling reason to pursue a criminal appeal in Michigan.

Ineffective Counsel
If your legal representation during the trial was ineffective or failed to meet acceptable standards, an appeal can address this issue.

Constitutional Violations
Any violation of constitutional rights during the trial can be grounds for an appeal, ensuring justice is served within the legal framework.

What Crimes May Be Appealed?

For decades, our criminal appellate lawyers have helped overturn convictions for Michigan residents who were wrongfully convicted of a number of different crimes.

These crimes include:

  • Assault
  • Murder
  • Fraud
  • Narcotics
  • Conspiracy
  • Trafficking

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of criminal acts that we can help appeal. If you or a loved one have been convicted of these or other crimes, turn to Gentry Nalley to help you appeal the conviction.

How Gentry Nalley Will Handle Your Criminal Appeal

Having helped countless Michigan residents like you with their criminal appeals has enabled us to show how effective our legal abilities are when it comes to getting criminal convictions overturned.

Learn what to expect when you select our criminal appeals lawyers to handle your case:

Case Evaluation
Gentry Nalley’s skilled criminal appeals lawyers thoroughly evaluate your case, identifying potential grounds for appeal and crafting a strategic plan.

This includes looking for any mistakes or errors made during either the pretrial hearing or the trial by scouring the records and transcripts.

Legal Research
In-depth legal research is conducted to build a solid foundation for the appeal, citing relevant laws, precedents, and case studies. This includes researching both Michigan and U.S. Constitutional laws to gain any advantage possible for your appeal.

Briefing and Argument
Our criminal appellate lawyers will create a compelling legal brief, presenting the legal arguments and supporting evidence. Our lawyers then present these arguments in appellate court, using their years of knowledge and experience to maximize their effectiveness.

Appellate Court Decision
The appellate court reviews the case and makes a decision. If successful, this could result in a new trial, reduced sentence, or even the overturning of the conviction.

What You Need From Criminal Appeals Lawyers

Having knowledgeable, experienced criminal appeals lawyers representing you is crucial for you to get your criminal conviction overturned. These criminal appellate lawyers need a specific combination of legal knowledge, skills, and qualities in order to have matters turn out in your favor.

Choose criminal appeals lawyers that have these abilities and qualities:

Brief-Writing Skills
Since an appeal requires extensive briefs to be written, your legal representation must be skilled in this area for your criminal case to be successfully overturned.

Thorough Knowledge in Criminal Appeals
A successful criminal appeal will entail a great deal of research needed. Look for lawyers with a specific focus and understanding of criminal appeals, as it requires a distinct skill set and knowledge base.

Track Record of Success
Since criminal appeals are often the last chance at getting justice, it’s best not to take chances with your legal representation. Look for a successful track record in handling Michigan criminal appeals, which demonstrates a lawyer’s competence and effectiveness.

Attention to Detail
The many intricacies of Michigan criminal appeals demand meticulous attention to detail. Choose a lawyer who leaves no stone unturned in their efforts to prove your innocence.

Communication Skills
Effective communication is key in legal proceedings. You need a lawyer who can articulate complex legal arguments with clarity for both you and the courtroom.

Michigan Criminal Appeals Lawyers With a Proven Track Record

Your whole world may hang in the balance if you have been wrongfully convicted for a crime. If you don’t have a criminal appellate lawyer you can trust, you may regret it for the rest of your life.

Gentry Nalley has a proven track record of successfully appealing criminal convictions. Our thorough understanding of what to look for to get convictions overturned lets us successfully appeal criminal convictions for Michigan residents like you as we uncover the facts and convince the court a mistake has occurred.

Criminal Appeals Attorneys With Exhaustive Research Skills and Attention to Detail

The criminal appellate attorneys at Gentry Nalley understand that the tiniest fact or point may mean the difference between your conviction being overturned and your life being changed forever.

That’s why we don’t rest until each detail has been laid bare in order to give you every legal advantage possible. Not only that, but we also know exactly where to look when it comes to examining past records or transcripts in order to move matters in your favor.

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