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There are moments when judgment lapses, creating a ripple effect of mistakes and consequences. At times, these mistakes result in an arrest and subsequent criminal charge, which may negatively impact the various aspects of one’s personal life: relationships, careers, and the future. For prospective clients struggling under the weight of a criminal charge, Ms. Heather KS Nalley and Mr. Jules N. Fiani, Of Counsel, utilize their over fifty years of combined professional experiences and close consultation with knowledgeable mentors to implement effective strategies tailored to the client’s case.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

Those accused of a crime are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is the responsibility of the criminal lawyer to build a defense strategy that is appropriate for the client’s unique case, as well as provide a thorough understanding of the law. Mr. Fiani and Ms. Nalley are committed to upholding this responsibility with all of the respect and gravity the client’s case warrants.

Legal Help With Domestic Violence, Sexual Assult, Misdemeanors, & Felonies

The scope of the criminal defense cases Ms. Nalley manages, in particular, are diverse, which she credits to her formative legal training in both the Michigan Supreme Court and the Livingston County Circuit Court. In these roles, Ms. Nalley honed her experience in managing a varied portfolio of criminal defense cases. From arson to burglary, child abuse, drug possession and manufacturing, drunk driving, embezzlement, human trafficking, and terrorism, Ms. Nalley utilized her palpable tenacity to contend with the gamut of criminal defense cases.

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