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As one of the more unique areas and specialized of law, gun trusts require experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to ensure the protection of both the weapon and the client. The gun trust is one of Gentry Nalley, PLLC’s professional specialties, and retains significant interest for both Ms. Heather KS Nalley and Ms. Erika E. McNamara, Of Counsel.

General estate trusts do not appropriately manage the legal aspects of owning a weapon. According to Ms. McNamara, “There are many poorly written gun trust samples online. A substantial amount of misinformation about court rulings and requirements circulates as a result.” In simple terms, a gun trust allows for the effective and appropriate management of federally regulated weapons (including but not limited to guns and other firearms).

Why You Should Have a Gun Trust

One of the greatest benefits of creating a gun trust is the ability to include provisions to protect National Fire Arm (NFA) assets from forfeiture and to help educate trustees, successor trustees, and beneficiaries on certain complex regulatory requirements that must be met regarding the weapon. Such provisions ultimately prevent any trustee, successor, or beneficiary from making a legal misstep and incurring a felony charge. Including NFA firearms in a more general trust, Ms. McNamara remarks, does not adequately mitigate these legal risks. Both Ms. Nalley and Ms. McNamara assist clients in naming their trust, which is a critical step in the creation of an NFA trust.

Gun Trust Lawyers at Gentry Nalley, PLLC

Ms. Nalley and Ms. McNamara consistently strive to perform thorough and up-to-date research on firearms laws and regulatory requirements in order to provide competent legal services to prospective gun trust clients. In addition to these services, Ms. Nalley and Ms. McNamara also aid the beneficiaries of the gun trust in obtaining a tax stamp for purchase.

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