A Livingston County native and graduate of Whitmore Lake High School, Erika McNamara lends her passion for the local community and international career experiences to the firm at Gentry Nalley, PLLC. Before pursuing her career in the law, Erika earned her Bachelor’s in International Studies of East Asia from Oakland University, an academic interest that spearheaded further study and professional opportunities abroad.

Trusted Lawyer with International Experience

Erika spent several years living and working in China years as the Director of Operations for a joint American-Chinese cruise experience on the Yangtze, China’s longest river. Erika later returned to Michigan, pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University. During her time at Eastern, the Student Affairs division awarded Erika the Gold Medallion for Exemplary Work, an honor that reflects Erika’s commitment to serving her peers in a manner that exceeds traditional standards. Erika’s time in China ultimately proved formative to the development of her law career, as she secured a critical internship at a Beijing law firm following her graduation from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing. As a legal intern, Erika acquired invaluable experience collaborating on foreign business contracts for the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing.

Erika McNamara

Local Hometown Lawyer

Though Erika’s international experiences are diverse and unique, she could not ignore the allure of Livingston County’s hometown charm. At the completion of her internship, Erika returned to Michigan with the aim of opening her own law firm. With her deeply rooted sense of community, Erika strives to assist local families in their preparations for the future, as well as lend support in times of crisis, as an attorney who specializes in estate planning. A serious business networker, Erika also manages business law cases, and firmly believes that collaborative connections amongst businesses benefits the community as a whole. Erika is an ardent supporter of the local business scene, which supports her active membership in the local chambers of commerce. In 2019, Erika received the inaugural Professional Woman of the Year Award for her service in the Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce. In addition to her work for the Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce, Erika was appointed to the Hartland Chamber of Commerce 2021 Board of Directors. Erika also serves on the Livingston County Habitat For Humanity Board of Directors and the Whitmore Lake High School Scholarship Foundation committee, activities that not only complement her professional interests but also emphasize her dedication to upholding the communal spirit of Livingston County.

Alongside her parents, Erika owns a lush piece of property on Whitmore Lake, where they tend to a small fruit orchard and garden throughout the summer months. An avid baker, Erika also enjoys experimenting with unique cookie recipes.

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