What Does A Probate Lawyer Do

What Does A Probate Lawyer Do?

Probate lawyers help people validate the will of someone close to them. They are there to help the people involved in the process deal with the legal side of things and the complications that come with it. Always consult a probate lawyer when dealing with this difficult process, especially if a will is not clear …

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What Is A Living Trust

What Is A Living Trust?

A Living Trust is a legal document that puts all your assets into a trust and designates a trustee to have legal possession of the assets and properties listed. The assets that may be in a trust include investments, bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, valuable personal belongings, and more. A Living Trust will also state …

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What Crimes Are Considered Felonies?

What Is Considered A Felony Crime?

A felony crime is considered to be the most serious type of charge, where you may be given jail time for over a year. Felonies are broken down into different levels of seriousness. These different classifications include murder, rape, arson, selling illegal drugs, grand theft, and kidnapping. There is also vandalism, which depending on the …

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What does a Criminal Attorney Do?

What Does A Criminal Attorney Do?

A criminal attorney defends individuals who are being charged with a variety of different crimes.  A criminal attorney may defend the individual in state and federal court. They practice in bail bond hearings, plea bargains, trials, probation hearings, appeals, and post-convention remedies. They research case law, crime codes, and draft, file, and argue motions to …

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