Can Verbal Abuse be Considered Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is abusive behavior that is used to gain control over a partner. Verbal abuse can be considered domestic violence when there are threatening or abusive things that are being said. If there is a threat of physical violence against the victim, they can file assault or battery charges.  When someone is being verbally abusive to their partner, they can be sued by the plaintiff for emotional suffering caused by the abuse. In a lot of cases, verbal abuse can lead to physical violence and the plaintiff can sue for physical and emotional problems caused by the abuse.

Is Domestic Violence Common?

Domestic violence is very common and around half the cases go unreported due to personal and societal reasons as well as fear. Domestic violence is one of the most common forms of violence globally and also in the United States. Around 10 million people a year experience domestic violence in the US. Although anyone can be a target of domestic violence, the most common targets are young women, women with a low income, and women who are minorities. Domestic violence causes physiological and physical damage which can cause a worsened mental state and quality of life.

Domestic Violence Lawyers With Gentry Nalley 

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