Reasons to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

One main reason to hire an estate planning attorney is that estate law can be very intricate. If you do not have strong knowledge of what these documents should look like and what you want to be done then you could be setting yourself up for a huge loss. You need an attorney to understand the relevant law and know what can or cannot go into your estate planning and the formalities that are needed. If estate planning is not done correctly it could cost you or your family thousands of dollars to fix in the end. 

Tips on Finding a Good Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning can be a very complicated process and may need continuous updating, so you want to make sure you are in the right hands because you will be working with this attorney long term. You want to find an attorney whose practice not only specializes in estate planning but also makes you feel comfortable in sharing personal information and details about your life. You want to make sure that all your needs are met and the attorney is meeting your expectations. 

Estate Planning Attorney at Gentry Nalley

At Gentry Nalley, our experienced and skilled attorney, Erika McNamara, is ready to help you establish your estate plan. She will help be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with guidance to meet your estate planning needs and tailor each document specifically for you. If you or someone you know is in need of establishing an estate plan in Brighton, MI, Howell, MI, Gladwin, MI, and the surrounding areas call us at (517) 522-4092 or click here to contact us so we can make this process smooth and easy for you.

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