Criminal Attorney

You will need a criminal attorney to represent you if you are charged with either of the two categories of criminal law: a misdemeanor or a felony. Both felony charges and misdemeanor charges can end with a prison sentence or serious consequences. A good criminal defense lawyer will do whatever it takes to prove your innocence, lower the charges to a misdemeanor, get you a shorter sentence, or get you placed in a better facility.

Is a Private Attorney Better Than a Court-Appointed Attorney?

If a criminal defendant can’t afford to hire a private criminal attorney, the court will appoint a public defender at no cost. The defendant, in this case, would not have a choice on who is picked for the job. Court-appointed defenders tend to have many other clients and heavy caseloads,  leaving little time to meet and prepare for their appointed client’s cases. This heavy workload can cause a public defender to be more prone to making mistakes, and could cost a defendant the trial. Unlike public defenders, private lawyers tend to have a more focused caseload and have more time to spend with each client. Private attorneys also have a larger selection of legal resources to protect a defendant’s rights. 


Criminal Defense Lawyers at Gentry Nalley, PLLC

If you or someone you love is struggling with criminal charges in Howell, MI, Brighton, MI, Flint, MI, and the surrounding areas, our skilled criminal defense lawyers, Jules N. Fiani and Heather KS Nalley, are here to help. They have over fifty years of combined professional experience to guide you through every step of the criminal process and ensure that your rights are protected. We understand that everyone and every case is different and will tailor a defense strategy specifically for you. Call us at (517) 522-4092 or contact us on our website so we can help you through this difficult experience. 

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